leaterIRON GATE cruising TOUR , 12.07.2014 Saturday at 8.00

Start at 08.00 (Belgrade, parking in front of parking in Marsala Birjuzova)
Travel by mini bus (tourist class, air conditioned)
Visit Golubac Fortress (30 min, photo shooting)
Lepenski vir tour (60 min) 10 000 years old location
Time for rest and lunch (60 min) in the Lower Milanovac (Donji Milanovac)

Cruising the IRON GATE (90 – 120 min) photo safari
most dramatic place at Danube (yacht Risa)

Visit Capt. Misha hill most beautiful vantage point (60 min + finger food)
Return to Belgrade (approx. 22.00)

PRICE include: cruising, mini bus, guide, tickets for all attractions
and finger food at Capt. Misha hill
Mail: info@srb-in.com
45 EUR