Villages The natural, spontaneous and never phony hospitality and warmness of the hosts are the key elements of the atmosphere experienced when staying in a Serbian village. A tourist will not be made to feel like an outsider in any village in Serbia; he or she will be accepted by the host like a close […]

Belgrade accomdation We are the agency that rents accommodation in Belgrade. For five years now we’ve been trying to meet the needs of our guest and to find suitable accommodation for each and every one of our guests based on their needs and resources. The only thing left for you to do is to give […]

IRON GATE cruising TOUR , 12.07.2014 Saturday at 8.00 Start at 08.00 (Belgrade, parking in front of parking in Marsala Birjuzova) Travel by mini bus (tourist class, air conditioned) Visit Golubac Fortress (30 min, photo shooting) Lepenski vir tour (60 min) 10 000 years old location Time for rest and lunch (60 min) in the […]

Fantasticna tura po Beogradu , za sve koji vole da uzivaju u nasem glavnom gradu . Dan počinjemo šetnjom kroz centar grada koja se sastoji iz dve celine: Kalemegdanska tvđava, svojevrsni muzej prošlosti i Skadarlija, stara boemska četvrt Beograda koja i dalje pleni šarmom početka 20-og veka. Potom krećemo u obilazak istaknutih gradskih lokacija: Karađorđev […]

Explore the Serbia Tour agency is best before you come to Serbia. We offer the best arrangements for the introduction of Serbia and its beautiful nature and events. Our best offer: Lepenski Vir & Iron Gate Time travel through the roots of European civilization This Danube rout links different points in time and like […]