Natural Monument “Devil’s Town” – Djavolja varos

  • Destination: Djavolja varos
  • Duration: 1 day
  • Price: €240

*** Price is for small group , up to 3 people.
This natural monument is composed of two, in the world of rare natural phenomenon: clay figures, as well as specific forms of relief that the area very attractive two sources strongly acidic water with high mineral content.

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Natural Monument “Devil’s Town”

In this one-day trip you’ll discover some of the most intriguing places in Serbia.
You will enjoy visiting the southern Serbia, where interlaces ancient mysticism with ghosts of Byzantine, Ottoman Empire and the modern era are blended with timeless pleasures in the cuisine of the region.


  • Tour around Devil’s Town, unique monument of nature of which is still made legends
    • visit Skull tower / Tower made from the skulls of Serbian fighters against the Turks
    • we will lunch in the restaurant Two Barns located in the unforgettable nature
    • We’ll try the famous PROLOM water at springs
    • We will visit Nis, birthplace of the Roman Emperor Constantine
    • visit one of the oldest active Christian church in Prokuplje

Southern Serbia is known for his original kitchen, a large number of mineral water springs, the best brass orchestras and rich history in the last 20 centuries.This tour is characterized by a nice walk through the nature reserve Devil Town during which we will see a multitude of sculptures, old Celtic mines and two completely different springs that are adjacent to each other. Finale of the tour is the hiking to the lookout point which is located directly above the Devil’s town and which offers a spectacular view of this masterpiece of nature. It is place from which emerged all *not from the earth* photos of this location.We’ll try the famous PROLOM water at his spring, which is located very close to Djavolja Varos in Prolom Banja. As we drive to the center of the region, city of Nis, will visit one of the oldest Christian places in the Balkan, church of Saint Prokopije (9th Century) in Prokuplje.In Nis, we will enjoy the warm southern atmosphere of this city, in guided SKULL tower and NIS fortress, and you relax in a cheerful visit to Kazancijsko Sokace, an old bohemian quarter…


  • Start at your place in Belgrade and drive (3 hours’) to Devils town with guide on English. We will present to you lots of trivia and facts about this region. We could made short break whenever you want.
  • Devils town (90 min). We will made nice walking tour through the nature. All together is 1200 m but remember, first 900 m is very easy, but last 400 m is deep in the mountain so its look like hiking….
  • After Devils town we will take lunch at Two Barns. We suggest amazing lamb without bones in very unique way of preparation… (90 min)
  • Next station at this adventure is Church of St Prokopije at Prokuplje. (20 mn)
  • Then we drive to Nis (30 min) and visit Skull tower (45 min) and Nis fortress (45 min). After this visits we will go to old bohemian quarter and enjoy in good atmosphere and nice bars and restaurants around. (60min)
  • So, it’s time to go home, we will drive to Belgrade and finish this nice tour.

Please note

  • Put on theshoessuitable forlong walksin nature.We will walk5 kilometersthrough the countrysideand 2, 5kmthrough the city of Nis
  • Foodin the south isquitespicy, alwaysask theguideabout the details

Weather conditions are changing rapidly. Bring an umbrella or a raincoat.